🔷Liquidity pools

Anyone can provide liquidity on Makiswap at the following link:


When a user trades on this liquidity pool a 0.2% fee will be taken, of which 0.17% is for LP providers and 0.03% goes to the development fund.

For even higher returns, stake LP tokens in the MakiSwap yield Farms:

When users provide liquidity for a token pair, they receive Liquidity Pool (LP) tokens that represent shares of liquidity in your chosen pool.

In this guide you will learn how to create (add) Liquidity Provider (LP) tokens in the MAKI/HT pool and then split (remove) the tokens back into MAKI and HT.

Start by going to the MakiSwap website here https://app.makiswap.com/ and connecting your wallet. If you have not done so, you will need to add the Heco RPC to your wallet:


For this example, we will create LP tokens for the MAKI/HT pair. To create LP tokens, you need a 50/50 amount of each token (in value) and you can create any amount you want. For this example, we started with 1 HT token and swapped .5 HT for MAKI on the MakiSwap exchange.

Learn how to swap here:


Tip: When trading or creating token pairs, remember not to use all your HT because you will always need some for transaction fees. Notice we started with 1.1 HT

Once you have tokens for pairing, go to the “Liquidity” tab in the main menu and click “Add Liquidity

Creating LP Tokens (Adding Liquidity)

This brings us to the liquidity page where you can choose your token pair. Enter any amount or “MAX” of one token and the other token will automatically fill with the proper amount to create a 50/50 pair.

Now click “Approve MAKI” and “Confirm” in your wallet. Note that you only need to approve once. If you have already done this previously, you will not see this and can skip to the next step.

Then click “Supply” to create the LP token pair and “Confirm Supply” then “Confirm” once again in your wallet as done in the previous example (every action requires confirmation in your wallet). You are now providing liquidity to your chosen pool and earning fees. You should see new LP tokens in your wallet.

Splitting LP Tokens (Removing Liquidity)

You can split your LP tokens back into individual tokens from the liquidity page. Expand the “Trade” menu and click “Liquidity” to see live data on your LP tokens. When you are ready to split the LP click “Remove

Notice you can also “Add” more liquidity from this page.

If you do not see your pool or LP tokens and you are sure they are not staked in a yield farm, you can “Import It” by manually selecting the token pairs.

Next use the slider or preset percentages to select the amount to split. This is a three (3) step process of “Approve” and “Remove” and “Confirm” with each requiring you to “Confirm” in your wallet as shown in previous steps.

What’s Next?

You have now mastered adding and removing liquidity on MakiSwap. Now you can maximize your returns by staking LP tokens in the MaikSwap Yield Farms:


MakiSwap Yield Farming Guide:


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