How to Buy MAKI

Install MetaMask

Before we start, you must have already installed and backed up your MetaMask wallet seed phrase. If you have not done this yet, first follow these instructions to get set up and add the HECO RPG to MetaMask.

The instructions in this guide are for the MetaMask desktop browser plugin, but they are nearly identical for mobile devices.

Funding your new HECO wallet

You will need to add some HT to your wallet before you can transact on HECO to cover transaction fees – just like Ethereum uses ETH for gas fees, HECO uses HT for transaction fees.

For this example, we will use Huobi Exchange to fund our new HECO wallet. Simply use the exchange to buy HT and go to your HT withdrawal page.

Select the HECO chain option and fill in your wallet address and withdrawal amount. Click “Withdraw” and follow through the confirmations for the withdrawal process. This could include 2FA and/or email depending on your security settings.

Where is my wallet address?

Make sure your MetaMask wallet is connected to HECO. If not, you will not see your funds when they arrive. You can find your wallet address under the account name. Clicking here will copy your address to the clipboard. This is recommended so you don’t make any mistakes with your address.

Note: It’s ok to send a small test transaction to make sure everything is set up correctly.

Buy MAKI from MakiSwap

Visit the MakiSwap exchange here:

or by clicking exchange in the main menu. Click “Connect” or “Unlock Wallet” to connect your wallet to the MakiSwap exchange.

Next choose "Metamask"

If you have multiple wallets, you can choose which ones to connect and click “Next”

Now click “Connect” and you will be ready to transact on the MakiSwap website.

Choose HT in the “From” field and MAKI in the “To” field.

Now fill in your amounts, click “Swap” and confirm once again in the MetaMask popup.

Congratulations! You have now bought MAKI and are ready to participate in DeFi on MakiSwap!

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