🙋Frequently asked questions

What is the official website? www.makiswap.com

Is Makiswap using HECO chain? Yes

What is the current block reward? 16 MAKI for each block

How do i connect my wallet? At the top right corner you can click on connect wallet. A pop-up-window will open up and then you can click on your favorite wallet.

I got my wallet connected but it seems that trading is not working properly? You should add the HECO RPG to your wallet. For a detailed guide please go to:

page👛Add Heco RPC to Metamask

Where can i find my transactions? You can check on all of your transactions anytime on https://hecoinfo.com/

Why does it say that i dont have any balance? Please make sure you are connected to your decentralized wallet

What is the max supply from MAKI Makiswap doesn't have any maximum supply

Where can i find the analytics pages? You can find them on https://info.makiswap.com/

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