🎰Lottery Guide

How to participate in the cross-chain MakiSwap lottery on Polygon

Getting Started

From the Main Menu in the left sidebar, click on “Lottery” and be sure to connect your wallet.

Using The Bridge

In order to participate in the MakiSwap lottery you need to bridge your SOY tokens from HECO Chain to Polygon Network (MATIC) to begin playing.

Use the AnySwap bridge by clicking on the “Bridge” button. You can use the bridge to swap tokens back and forth between chains. [HECO>>Polygon] or [Polygon>>HECO]

From the AnySwap bridge select the MATIC Mainnet for deposit and the SoyBar token. If your wallet is connected to the wrong network, you will not be able to complete the transfer and will see a reminder to change it.

Enter the “Deposit” amount. That’s the number of tokens you want to transfer from one chain to the other.

Check the reminder for minimums and estimated arrival times, and go ahead with the “CrossChain Deposit”

Drawing Details

Once the transfer is complete, you are ready to buy some lottery tickets!

You can check all the payout details for the current round or lookup past winning numbers and payouts from this page at any time. It’s also easy to see if you are a winner with the “Check Now” button.

Buying Tickets

When you buy tickets for the first time, you will need to click “Enable” in the popup window and “Confirm” in your wallet.

Enter the number of tickets you wish to purchase and notice the bulk discount will increase – the more you buy, the larger the discount.

There are two options to generate tickets.

“Buy Instantly” will generate random numbers with no duplicates. “View/Edit Numbers” allows you to randomize as many times as you wish or change any numbers on any ticket.

Once you are satisfied with your selection, click “Buy Instantly” or “Confirm and Buy”, and confirm in your wallet.

That’s It!

Come back after the drawing to see if you are a winner.

Good Luck!

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