💸Staking Guide

Staking Pools

Stake MAKI tokens in the MAKI pool to earn more MAKI and voting rights!

You can also spread your MAKI around and earn tokens from across the Heco ecosystem with new pools introduced often.

In this guide, you will learn how to stake and unstake your MAKI tokens.

Start by clicking the link to MakiSwap pools. From here you can browse available pools and see real-time data of current offerings and your own rewards once you start earning.

The first thing you will need to do after making your selection is connect your wallet to the MakiSwap website. Click “Unlock Wallet”

In this guide, we will use Metamask; however, other wallets will be very similar. Next choose “Metamask”

If you have multiple wallets, you can choose which ones to connect and click “Next”

Now click “Connect” and you will be ready to interact with the MakiSwap website.

For this example, let’s stake some MAKI in the MAKI pool. Next you will need to click “Approve MAKI” to authorize the website to transfer tokens to the pool. You only need to do this one time unless you revoke access in the future.

Click “Approve MAKI” to allow MakiSwap to ‘spend’ your tokens. Don’t worry – no one is selling your tokens. You can unstake them whenever you want.

Now you will see a “Plus” + button to add MAKI to the pool. Click that and we will deposit some tokens next.

Choose an amount from available tokens or click “Max” to deposit all MAKI currently in your wallet. Click “Confirm”

Your Metamask wallet will now ask you to confirm the transaction and a small gas fee. You should not need to change any limits here and just click “Confirm” to enter staking.

Welcome to the pool. You are now staking and earning. You should notice some new options and begin seeing your rewards adding up in real-time.

  • Harvest – withdraw reward tokens to your wallet

  • Compound – harvest and deposit reward tokens in the pool

  • Unstake – withdraw staked tokens and rewards to your wallet

  • Plus (+) Button - add more MAKI to the pool from your wallet

You can withdraw your tokens anytime by clicking “Unstake MAKI” and confirming the transaction and gas fees like the previous example.

While you have MAKI tokens staked in the MAKI pool, you will notice a new SOY token in your wallet. This represents your staked MAKI and entitles you to claim your tokens from the pool as well as voting rights. In this example we started with 5 MAKI and staked 3 of them. Our wallet has 2 MAKI and 3 SOY for a total of 5 tokens.

If you do not see these in your wallet, you might have to add them manually. This is not necessary, and they are still there. But if you want to see them, it is a very simple process.

Click “Add Token” and paste the token contract address. If you have the correct address, you should see the token symbol and decimals filled in for you. Confirm it’s the right token and click “Next”

If you have a balance, it will now display in your wallet. Click “Add Tokens”

MAKI Contract Address


SOY Contract Address


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